Different Types of Caravans

There are various kinds of caravans to choose from in the market. This article has a nice summary of those below to make it easier for you to decide which type would be best for your family.  You have the option of designing the interior of it yourself if you’re planning to order a new caravan. Another great option for many different families, who might already have travelled the entire country, is that of getting a second-hand caravan. However, it is necessary to check for any safety issues of the caravan just like anything that may be second hand.

5 Different Types of Caravans:

The Full Caravan:
The full caravan is any basic kind of a caravan that has solid walls and a full height roof. These are available in a single or twin axle option which depends on the size.

Full caravans have many different benefits. Firstly, they are very easy to set up. You can simply just arrive, park, unpack and easily be ready to have fun during your stay. These are also nice for pulling over to rest or get a meal. You can simply open your doors and you’re ready. With these caravans, no matter what the weather may be like, you are cool or warm and dry if suitable with air conditioning. They also have abundant storage space and room to move, which depends on its size.

The Full Pop out Caravan:
The full pop out kind of a caravan is quite new in the market and they offer so much more room than the basic ones, especially when it is a 4×4 caravans Melbourne. One can enjoy all the advantages of a full caravan in addition to a lot of space since the beds are placed towards the outer sides of the van.

You could have the fold up bunks which can be used like seats in the daytime; therefore these are ideal for big families. Setting up of this caravan takes longer because of the need of organizing the sleeping and the pop out arrangements.

Pop Top Caravan:
This caravan is similar to the full type but its roof can ‘pop’ up and down so as to make it aerodynamic and assist in towing. This type of a caravan weighs a lot lesser than a full van. It can help in towing better, even though the jury may still be out with some new aerodynamic ones.

These are easier to store because they’re not that high. Their fly and vinyl screens are insect and water proof but you might still not be entirely protected.

The Pop Top and Out Caravan:
This type has all the advantages of a Pop Top Caravan in addition to the pop out beds. This is an ideal adventure caravan for families. They offer a lot more space when they’re set up, because of the beds being placed on the outside. However, they offer very little storage space when the van is packed up.

The Motorhome:
This is a good option and requires little set up, however you’ll obviously need to take your Australian caravan manufacturer to different sightseeing spots. It has an easy set up and pack up system.

This was a little review of the different kinds of caravans. You might want to look into the family caravans with bunks or luxury caravans since you might get a good deal.

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