Employee Share Ownership Plans

An Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) is an effective way to invite employees to invest in your business via a share plan, in an effort to gain productivity and retention benefits. An Employee Share Ownership Plan enables your business to be structured so that everyone shares in its success. Also, it ensures you retain as much or as little operational control as you want. Further, it preserves your business by leaving it in the hands of someone who is trusted.

Further, Employee Share Ownership Plans are being increasingly used by business owners who aim to gain immediate term productivity and engagement benefits whilst providing long term stability for the business itself. The Employee Share Ownership Plan is a mechanism that allows employees to have a share in the company they work for and contribute to.

Craig West Keynote SpeakerSome advantages for the business owner when conducting an Employee Share Ownership Plan is that the staff you attract will be of and maintain a high calibre performance as they have a direct stake in the business. Additionally, an Employee Share Ownership plan means that when or if you move on from your business, an Employee Share Ownership team can be an effective and efficient way to transfer the ownership of your business. Another advantage is that payments to your employees can save you tax.

Benefits for the employees themselves include that the employees are provided with a savings vehicle where they can accumulate savings and consequently hold and acquire shares. Moreover, it creates a sense of community amongst the employees, as they feel connected and responsible when ensuring that the business is successful. Lastly, an Employee Share Ownership Plan can assist your employee by saving them tax. This is possible as they have the ability to purchase shares from pre-tax dollars.

Setting up an effective Employee Share Ownership Plan is important, as it must be attractive and worthwhile for employees, in addition to supporting objectives of the business owner and the business itself. The Employee Share Ownership Plan must be completely transparent, and an effective mechanism that your employees can easily grasp and understand.

Our team of experts are based Australia wide and offer workshops & webinars to assist with all your business + succession planning needs. Our Founder Craig West is an renowed Succession Planning Speaker with 2 masters degrees, with over 20 years’ experience advising business owners.

Family Matters about Funeral Arrangements

Family matters sometimes arise over the funeral arrangements for a family member. Such matters may be:

• Between the next of kin and immediate family on the one hand and a member or members of the extended family on the other.

• Between family members of different cultural or religious backgrounds.

However, such matters can range from issues of location of the funeral, the duration of the funeral service, choices of Image result for funeraltraditions either traditional or religious, the cremation and so on. In some cases they will be resolved relatively easily, in others they may lead to a breakdown in communication and unilateral decisions and actions.

These matters or disputes are themselves part of the grieving process, and they inevitably take place in situations that are highly emotionally charged.

However, such matters may arise at the undermentioned areas:


In all cases the first step is the determination of the cause of death and a medical certificate to that effect. For expected deaths, this will require a doctor, but in the case of unexpected deaths police and coroner involvement will also be required. The next of kin will need to be determined.


The next of kin or their representative contacts funeral director Diamond Creek and enters into an arrangement for taking charge of the deceased. Basically a formal or informal contract is entered into between the next of kin and the funeral director, including an “order for burial”. There is no legislation relating to funerals.


The funeral director takes charge of the deceased on behalf of the next of kin. Funeral arrangements may involve a service or commemoration, in a home, religious setting, or in a funeral home chapel.


When arrangements become known, other family members may challenge the decisions, either directly to the next of kin or to the funeral director. The reasons may be that other relatives have been estranged from the immediate family, feel excluded, or have strong convictions deriving from their culture or belief.


Most disputes are resolved without assistance or through informal mediation by a senior family member, a Minister of religion, the funeral director or other community figure. However, the Police have no powers to enforce a resolution, but have considerable experience in dealing with such issues.


Where the dispute is not resolved informally, and communication has broken down, the only other recourse is to the High Court. This may be necessary on the rare occasions when those challenging the funeral arrangements take the matter into their own hands and remove the deceased for funeral and burial elsewhere.

The law does not give the Police specific powers in this situation, for example to prevent the removal of the deceased, or to take possession of the deceased, since no-one legally “owns” a deceased person. The High Court can grant an injunction to enforce a will, where one exists, to recognize the authority of an executor or an administrator, or to order an exhumation if the deceased has been buried elsewhere.

Even if such an injunction is granted, there is likely to be a need for further mediation by the Police or other parties to achieve a resolution. This may seem unsatisfactory to those immediately affected, but in the long term it may help to ensure that the dispute is resolved and hopefully that all those who have a relationship with the deceased are able to affirm that in their bereavement.


Restaurant Marketing for Small Businesses

If you happen to be visiting any of the big cosmopolitan cities around the world you would definitely end up with one dilemma and that would be where to wine and dine because most of these cities are cluttered with restaurants serving gourmet cuisine from around the world hence choosing where to go would take some big decision making.

The same dilemma would lie with the restaurant owners too, as they would be scratching their heads as to how they could get you to “seat your bum in their restaurant” and ensure you get the opportunity to taste the culinary delights that they could lay for you.

Whilst the other restaurant owners are contemplating at different ends of the equation there could be one proactive and smart restaurateur who would have read one of those strategic marketing books specifically targeting restaurants seeking customers like you and who having done his homework would entice you to visit his restaurant which would be the most aggressively marketed restaurant just round the corner, because he has got to you before the others.

The smart dude of a restaurant owner would be basing his marketing strategies on the professional advice of how to get customers “to seat their bums at his restaurant” with strategic and aggressive restaurant marketing which has brought rich dividends to many restaurateurs in Australia and other countries around the world.

Restaurants need aggressive marketing strategies because it is most unlikely that those in very busy cosmopolitan cities would be bestowed with repeat visits by clients if they do not proactively market themselves and initiate those repeat visits.

With hundreds of restaurants to choose from customers tend to visit different wining and dining outlets on different visits to the city but if they are kept within the realm and domain of a particular restaurant it is very likely that they would make that repeat visit, provided those restaurateurs follow the strategies suggested by restaurant marketing.

They could be rest assured that they could win that repeat visit from many customers because it is better to keep existing customers under your fold before going in search of new customers.

It is imperative that small restaurants be more proactive in their marketing strategies because they would need to be always within the spectrum of the customer’s preferences and to do so they would need specialized and targeted restaurant marketing strategies.

Selling at the table is another innovative concept in restaurant marketing where customers would be helped by the staff attending to them suggesting and coaxing them to spend more at the table.

This strategy would help the restaurant to rake in more profits whilst also giving the customer a wider choice to choose from and enjoy his meal.

Restaurant marketing has revolutionized the way restaurateurs are conducting their business especially the small businesses that face very stiff competition and employing every conceivable marketing mediums like emails, the social media, direct marketing and internet marketing strategies they have found the edge that they need to be in the forefront.

Learn to drive with the Hiway Driving School

The Hiway Driving School has offered excellent services for over 30 years and was established in Melbourne in 1982.  We are proud to have the reputation of a friendly and reliable service and our instructors are all trustworthy and patient, with the knowledge to cater to your skills and needs.

All of our driving school Eltham instructors are fully qualified and VicRoads Accredited as well as holding current working with children and police checks.All of our vehicles are modern and safe to make your experience enjoyable, all with a minimum of 4 star ANCAP safety rating.

We have both english speaking male sand females all with the skills to train you in automatic and manual vehicles. All of our instructors are trained to the highest standards and selected instructors can deliver keys2drive sessions.

For more information or to contact our friendly team, call 9467 5999 or visit our website at at www.hiwaydrivingschool.com.au.

Home Decorator Directory

Interior Design is a creative profession that enables spaces to be experienced through various colours, textiles and materials. Home Decorators can offer services in the commercial and domestic sectors that craft and transform spaces to adopt a feel or suit a purpose.

Some highly recommended and experienced home decorators include:

Jemden Interiors
Shop 5/ 10 Arthur Street
Eltham 3095
e| jemdeninteriors@bigpond.com
t | 03 9439 4441
m| 0407 07 2171

6 Church Street
Hawthorn 3122
e| jemdeninteriors@bigpond.com
t | 03 9855 2929
m| 0407 07 2171
website: www.jemdeninteriors.com.au

Yarra River Boat Cruises by Dreamscape

If you are looking for a unique and enjoyable experience that is sure to impress your friends and colleagues, try a Yarra River boat cruise for a tour that is sure to be unforgettable.

Yarra River Boat Cruises for lunch or dinner in Melbourne by Dreamscape are the boat cruise that Melbourne deserves! Choose from our fleet today to see Melbourne in a new way.

Dreamscape accommodates to you and your groups specifications whilst maintaining a high level of comfort, excitement and enjoyment. Our fully equipped party boat will allow you to travel Melbourne’s waterways in style and suit your tastes to ensure a memorable event for your group.

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